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If you’re shy or introverted, you might feel socially handcuffed. You might be frustrated with all the missed opportunities. You might feel like you’re watching life from the sidelines.

It doesn’t always have to be that way. Good social skills will unlock everything that life has to offer. My techniques are the result of over 15 years of in-depth research and analysis. As a result of that work, my books include 100s of real-life actionable examples geared toward helping you easily learn and apply new techniques.

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The Two Levels of Likability

Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to be more likable? You’ve probably already learned that the efforts spent on improving your appearance, reputation, accomplishments, social skills, etc. don’t automatically result in increased likability. Likability is based on something more fundamental.

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You Can Be Funny & Make People Laugh

No Fluff. No Theories. 35 Humor Techniques That Work for Everyday Conversations. 214 pages. The #1 humor skills book recommended on amazon.com.

"You want to make people laugh? This book will show you how, and then some."
Mark Henterly
Dec 2020

"Greg's books have changed my LIFE. It's the only way I would have gained the courage to meet my wife. I am eternally grateful."

- Steve Metzger, 2020


Small Talk Rules

65 Lesson I Learned From The Greatest Communicators


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