About Me

Hey internet people! Thanks for checking out my site. Like many “self-help” gurus, I didn’t always start out with people skills. As a teen I was terribly shy – in fact, I couldn’t even order a pizza! 

Over time I saw dreams and goals slip away and I knew that if I wanted to achieve anything of significance in life, I needed social skills. I set out on a mission to find out why and how super social people were so effective. My research eventually resulted in numerous books on the topic. 

My books are highly researched, full of examples, and aren’t for the casual reader. (I grew sick and tired of kindergarten advice like, ‘Just say ‘Hi’ to more people.) I have professional training background so my books are written with the goal of true, personal growth in mind. 

Stay social, my friends.


"First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

- Epictetus

Gregory Peart

Favorite Things

When I’m not writing, I’m playing or inventing board games, testing new bourbons, or playing with my sons. (Sometimes all three at once.) Other things: stock trading, movies, traveling, video production, illustrating, children’s books, animals, hiking, craft beer, Hawaiian pizza, cookies, more cookies, kayaking, politics, philosophy. To steal a famous quote, “I drink and I know things.” I’m a creative person by nature – I’ll never stop making stuff.