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Are You Boring People?

Boring people react seriously and stoically to everything. Admittedly, I am not an excitable person by nature. That doesn’t mean I don’t possess just as many emotions as the next guy. If you react more like Aristotle than Chewbacca Mom and don’t naturally express emotion or feeling, you may want to consider acting a little until you get used to expressing yourself more colorfully. Yes, I’m saying act a little, if not for yourself, then for the sake of making the conversation experience more interesting and livelier for the other person.

Maybe your friend tells you they just returned from trying the menu at a new ice cream shop and it was delicious. If they are excited about it, try to reflect and share their energy. Don’t bring down the mood with a somber “Cool.” Share in their joy or excitement with a good reaction, “Really? I’m jealous! I wanted to try that place… what flavor did you get?” Celebrating or showing excitement over “trivial” things can be fun and set the stage for humor.

Stay social, my friends,


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