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The Two Levels of Likability

Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to be more likable? You’ve probably already learned that the efforts spent on improving your appearance, reputation, accomplishments, social skills, etc. don’t automatically result in increased likability. Likability is based on something more fundamental.

The Silly Human Technique

Develop an eye for noticing subtleties in human behavior and appearance. Talk about the idiosyncrasies of the human condition.

Over-reacting is More Entertaining

Shane Dawson has made a killing just reacting on camera. He’s created a variety of YouTube content, but one theme persists through nearly everything he’s created: his reactions are entertaining.

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Want to Sound More Interesting? Add More Contrasts

Contrasts are inherently engaging. Visual contrasts. Literary contrasts. Any kind of contrast. Humans are genetically programmed to notice anything conflicting or opposing.

New Book Announcement!

Tell Your Friends! I’m excited to announce my best book yet! Small Talk Rules represents my best tips from over 15 years of research and conversation analysis. A TON of work went into it and I know it will help 1,000s of people improve their social skills and social confidence. If you want to support …

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You’re Probably Hiding Some of Your Best Small Talk Material

Mistakes, flaws, and gaffes, oh my! One of the reasons most people don’t embark on more social interactions is because they’re afraid of saying something “stupid” or making a mistake. For many years, I’ve studied the best conversationalists and what they do differently. Guess what? The best conversationalists don’t hide their flaws and imperfections—they embrace …

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Are You Boring People?

Boring people react seriously and stoically to everything. Admittedly, I am not an excitable person by nature. That doesn’t mean I don’t possess just as many emotions as the next guy.

The 3 Stages of Initiating Small Talk

I love games. Some games, like tennis, require a few attempts to really get going. Small talk is similar. Don’t get discouraged if your first comment or question doesn’t get returned as well as you’d hoped. A new conversation typically goes through three phases: 1) Starting, then 2) Moving, then 3) Flowing. Like tennis, sometimes …

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