Social Psychology

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The Two Levels of Likability

Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to be more likable? You’ve probably already learned that the efforts spent on improving your appearance, reputation, accomplishments, social skills, etc. don’t automatically result in increased likability. Likability is based on something more fundamental.

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You’re Probably Hiding Some of Your Best Small Talk Material

Mistakes, flaws, and gaffes, oh my! One of the reasons most people don’t embark on more social interactions is because they’re afraid of saying something “stupid” or making a mistake. For many years, I’ve studied the best conversationalists and what they do differently. Guess what? The best conversationalists don’t hide their flaws and imperfections—they embrace …

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You Need The Small Talk Mindset

Your expectations control your anxiety. If you’re always aiming for perfect, you’ll inevitably be disappointed when the conversation doesn’t go as planned. Over-analyzing every word will sabotage your small talk experiences. Lower the conversation bar and embrace the imperfect spontaneity of chit-chat. You may possess high standards for conversation. I did for years. If that’s …

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