Over-reacting is More Entertaining

Shane Dawson has made a killing just reacting on camera. He’s created a variety of YouTube content, but one theme persists through nearly everything he’s created: his reactions are entertaining. And he stands out from many others because he doesn’t just react in dramatic fashion; he adds some entertaining commentary too. Just for fun, let’s look at some of what he’s said upon tasting a new food:  

It tastes like something I’ve never had… like an entire garden.

You taste it first; I want to see if it stops your heart.

This looks like a dog toy… okay, it’s too hard to bite. I’ve never had ice cream like that before.

These candies made me sick… and a little sad.

I just unintentionally made baby noises.

Whether or not he’s your cup of tea, his videos have accumulated over 5 billion views. If he didn’t react like that, he’d be broke, have no subscribers, and probably working as a barista in California somewhere. You don’t have to react as melodramatically as Shane, but if you want more conversation “subscribers” (i.e. people who follow and listen to what you communicate), you should probably improve your reactions and observations.

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