The Silly Human Technique

Develop an eye for noticing subtleties in human behavior and appearance. Talk about the idiosyncrasies of the human condition. Question why people act the way they do. Point out your own experiences and quirks. Remember, it can’t hurt to gesture or reenact the behavior or mannerisms.

That looks like your ____ (flirting / hungry / angry / bored) face.

He gets that evil-villain wrinkle in his forehead – I don’t know how he can make his face do that!

Liam can’t go a day without ____ (Coke / Donuts / checking his hair / etc.)

Don’t forget about labels for yourself. Besides being safe, they’re often funny.

I feel like a soccer mom, except without the four kids, mini-van, and dog.

I’m kind of a boss like that.

I may have punk rock hair, but I’m definitely more of a punk than a rock.

Following up something you did or said with a quick label to explain your actions or comments works too.

These are my fancy shoes. Because I’m a fancy guy.

This is my manly mug. Because I’m a manly guy.

I like romantic comedies too. Because I’m a romantic comedy kind of guy.

Stay social, my friends.


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